Vision & Strategy

Always judge a book by its cover

We work especially in the fields of corporate identity and brand development for companies, products and services. Our focus lies on representation-orientated brand development, and positioning workshops, development of brand stories and appealing design solutions form the essential activities that we perform for our clients in that regard.

In the field of innovation branding, our core area of activity lies in the communications management of innovative projects of successful companies or the formation of start-ups. We act as a professional partner for matters of brand development, communications and design, as well as providing an interface to investors and experts in trademark law and marketing.

Our intercultural experience and our network, particularly focusing on Asia, make us the ideal partner for international communications projects.

We provide services in the following areas

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Product Identity
  • Innovation Branding
  • Design Consulting
  • Service Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Communication Design

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