Branding für Eigenmarken

We judge our environment according to appearance and behaviour as well as functional aspects. Characteristics are connected with specific representations, according to cultural background, socially and individually embedded stereotypes and ideals. ‘Cheery, ‘self-confident’ or ‘well-to-do’ naturally elicit a range of ideas about how they are represented. This applies to people, things and logos in equal measure. Even in times of digital logo generators, the requirements of logos, as summarised in the list below, retain their validity,

- Association
- Aesthetic quality
- Uniqueness
- Financial limitations
- Category language
- Clarity
- Connotation

- Logo type (word mark, picture mark)
- Independence from media
- Retentiveness
- Modernity
- Practicality
- Comprehensibility

Up until its liquidation in 2009, the German mail order company Quelle had created countless own-brands for each of its target groups. Alexander Luckow of cdc | Brandcreation was responsible for positioning and profiling for these brands, with assistance from renowned typographers such as Hubert Jocham and Volker Schnäbel, to name just two. The design of the brand personality played an important role in this, which was reflected in the sales figures.

Alexander Luckow

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