Workshops & Seminars

How to get the best out of something.

Our workshops essentially examine how trust develops. Brand development equates to a brand promise. Who, how and why. A brand promise also needs to be perceptible, however. Mere lip service is not enough in the long term. What and how a company communicates, and how it portrays itself are responsible for the formation of the brand.

How to create coconuts in the brain

The Synaesthetic Map© and Syncheck© introduce tools that ensure a coordinated brand perception. An essential component is those brand stories that bring the key messages to life for all participants.

cdc | Brandcreation provides workshops and seminars on the topic of brand development to companies and institutions.

Incidentally, the title ‘How to create coconuts in the brain’ is based on a quote from Gregory Bateson on the relationship between mind and nature: “When we think of coconuts or pigs, there are no coconuts or pigs in the brain.”

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