Brand & Identity

The flavour of brands.

Our perception is dominated by sensory experiences. They form part of our consciousness, influence our thought processes and our behaviour. The sensory impression triggers sensations, emotions and chains of association that influence our ability to judge. These processes also have their effects in the microcosm of branding. We commonly understand our multi-sensory or synaesthetic marketing to mean systematically drawing on aspects that we can perceive with our senses in the design of communications, products and service.

Above all, reality is created by appearences.

cdc | Brandcreation places sensory experiences in a systematic relationship to the characteristics of a brand. This draws on the aspects of sight and sign, touch and shape, scent and taste, space and motion, sound and rhythm, and speech and language.

We offer to develop and implement the entire range of brand development for all communications measures. Our range of services in this regard covers the following key areas:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Namefinding & Nomenklatur
  • Visual-, Verbal- & Sensory Identity

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